My career during the last years

2017    February -  "Thouching". Four artists, exhibiting at

            Kongsvinger Art Galler in Norway

2017    January - "Thouching". Four artists, exhibiting at

            Gallry Dalype Art Gallery in Oslo

2016   National Museum with three artwork

2015    "Thouching". Four artists, exhibiting at

            Ullensaker/Jessheim Art Gallery

2014    Paris, Grand Palais. Invitert deltaker til  "Open Art Code".  Klikk for å se nettsiden her

2010    Broadway Gallery NYC Click here - Exhibition "Artists at Home & Abroad"

  December 2010

2010    New York Broadway based Internet galleries with articles by Simone Cappa: 

  Art Fairs International and  NY Arts Magazine

            Connected to NY Arts Magazine, please watch ABC News

2010    Interview at NRK-Vestfol. - Norwgian Public Broadcasting.

2009    Trevisan International Art i Ferrara, Italy. Invited participant at the exhibition at "Estense Castle" in

            Ferrara. Please see my sculptures at the bottom of this page. Click

2009    "Thouching". Four artists exhibiting at Moss art gallery in Norway,

2009    Participated at the Nordic Exhibition in Fredrikshavn, Denmark together with artists from Sweden,       Finland, Denmark and Norway

2008    Beautification of shopping mall in Larvik, Norway

2008    Participated at the summer event for the Vestfold county artists. Also in 2009

2007   Invited participant on the International Florence biennale

  Please see the prize for my carrer; Premio alla Carriera. Click

2007    Purchased by the bank of DNB in Larvik

2007    Purchased by the city of Larvik

2006    Printed in the World of Art Magazine, WOA, and the book FAMOUS 121 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS

  OBS: Represented in the book FAMOUS 121 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS

  published by WOA, WOA, World of Art Magazine, sold all over the world,

  See my representation in the book, open PDF

2005     Diploma of Exellence (Honorable Award) ART NOW

            Icebird. Please look here.  Art Now is a yearly online art gallery

Brief CV


Born:    16.06.1935

Adr:     Prinsegt. 11 i

  3256    Larvik

Phone: + 47 33 12 64 72

Educated at the academy of art in Silkeborg, Denmark

Awarded The Grant and Guaranteed Income Program by the Norwegian state. Running from 1979 through all my career

Innumerable exhibitions, both by his own and together with other artists in different genres

Purchased by the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs

Purchased by several public and private organizations such as

Norwegian State energy company, Library of  Horten city - first price of a closed competition, State Maritime school, among others

Various articles in newspapers and presentations on local TV channels

International selection

Invitatons: Various invitations to participate at international galleries

Nord-Art international art exhibition, Kic Kunst in der Carlshütte Büdelsdorf, Germany - Five times

Nordic trakcs - Contemporary art from Norway, at the gallery  "Den frie Udstilling" in Copenhagen Danmark 1998

"Eight from Norway", Schäffergården Copenhagen, Denmark, 1996

Sculpture symposium at Professor Bill Epp's international sculpture park in Saskatoon Canada, 1991

The Nordic Council exhibition in Jyväskylä Finland, 1991

"Four from Norway" Gallery Kusten Gøteborg 1991 Sverige

In addition

Short film, finaced by the Norwegian Film Institute. Shown at the annual Short film festival in Grimstad and at the art institute at the University of Granada, Spain 1990 -1991.

Board member of the main NGO dealing with Fine Art matters and interests for the artists. During the 1980s