Important events in my career

2018     MAMAG Museum / PAKS Gallery - Vienna

             29 September - 21 December. Klick to see the exhibition            

    MAMAGis a part of the international PAKS Gallery

2017     Nasjonal library - The archive

   My artist catalogue (Click)

  Catalogue for an exhibition at Hammarlund artshop 1993

2016    National Museum - three artworks

   1. Fountain sculpture Fountain sculpture (See gallery no 1)

   2. Sculpture at State Sailor School in Horten

   3. Relief at the Police station in T√łnsberg

2014    Paris, Grand Palais. Invited to participate atl

  "Open Art Code".  Klikk Click to see here

2010    Broadway Gallery NYC Click here - Exhibition "Artists at Home & Abroad"

  December 2010


2010   New York Broadway based Internet galleries with articles by Simone Cappa: 

Art Fairs International and  NY Arts Magazine

            Connected to NY Arts Magazine, please watch ABC News

2009    Trevisan International Art i Ferrara, Italy. Invited participant at the exhibition at "Estense Castle" in


  Please see my sculptures at the bottom of this page. Click

2007    Invited participant on the International Florence biennale

  Please see the prize for my carrer; Premio alla Carriera. Click

2006   Printed in the World of Art Magazine, WOA, and the book FAMOUS 121 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS

OBS: Represented in the book FAMOUS 121 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS

utgitt av WOA, WOA, World of Art Magazine, sold all over the world,


Turn to page 90 to see my representation (e-book)

2005    Diploma of Exellence (Honorable Award) ART NOW

            Icebird. Please look here.  Art Now is a yearly online art gallery

The prestigious annual exhebition of Hostutstillingen, "The Autumn Exhibition"

four times

1969, 1970, 1979 og 1982

Purchased by

1994    Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs

1991    The Norwegian Cultural Society Saskatoon - Canada

Red sun -  Exhibited in Paris, New York and Ferrara in Italia

Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, 1994